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Emergency Security

Armed and unarmed guards available for every emergency scenario. Short-term security guards always available.

Concierge Security.

Security officers available for apartment or condo and also office complex, hotels and resorts. Vidrox Private Security has the best solution to all your securityneeds

Special Events Security.

Ensure your occasion or function goes without a hitch! Boundary and also auditorium, crowd} and parking control. Armed security officers or unarmed available.

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Vidrox Private Security have actually been supplying personal security solutions in Covington for several years and have been the go to security company for numerous bus inesses, companies, agencies and companies. With prices that are the most competitive in the sector coupled with our unrivaled professionalism and reliability you'll be glad you {chose| selected Vidrox Private Security for your personal security service. Personal Safety And Security Business Info. Vidrox Private Security is a private security company as well as provi der of armed as well as unarmed guard patrols - Our security personnel are skilled, certified, and also dedicated to protecting your assets, individuals, and property. In order to blend in with the crowd and also preserve co vertness, our uniformed safety and security agents can also be deployed in plainclothes or professional wear. Although most of our customers favor that we send them a uniformed officer} , there are occasionally activities} and tasks that require an undercover officer. Our undercover or plain clothes security officers regularly come from our s pecial operations department as well as are off - duty or retired law enforcement officer s who serve as security operativ es or agents. Every single one of our officers is very experienced, qualified, licenced, insured, and bonded. Our security officers are readily available for immediate hire for temporary emergency guard service or on a long er - term contractual basis. Officers in uniform are on call} around - the - clock, each day of the year. We prepare d to assist you and to send you armed and unarmed security guard patrol personnel. For a variety of different kinds of customers , including businesses, organi z ations, companies, residential communities, industry, commercial, retail, hospitality, hotels, gambling establishments, dispensaries, medical and health care facilities, building and construction sites, flight terminals, seaports, events, and individual protection, we offer security guards. Your demands will be satisfied or exceeded by one of our security options. Currently, we deal with numerous safety and security experts. Our management team have years of experience in security and law enforcement, and we operate in numerous locations throughout the City and beyond. We have been in business for many years. Our day - and - night dispatch command centre is staffed and run by expert and also well - trained dispatchers. Dispatchers keep an eye on clients' places and sites. They watch on the CCTV, DVR, and on - site cams. In addition, with the us e of our advanced innovation, which provides real - time possession and also fleet administration for our clients, our dispatchers keep normal touch with protection employees remotely, giving oversight and guaranteeing compliance. Clients that are still with us enjoy and also appreciate the relationship| connection we have with them, particularly because we maintain lines of communication open and make our executive team as well as ourselves available to them 24/7. So if you need an unarmed guard or an armed guard to tend to your private security needs Vidrox Private Security has the answer. We provide a degree of security unequaled by other se curity services. All of the officers we have on staff are trained for fast identification, quick response, hazard detection and active shooter prevention. A number of our officers are ex police officers with hrs of weapons training and also public security experience, so they are used to operating in and {assessing| evaluating dangerous situations. Call us today and find out exactly how we can assist with all your unarmed and also armed security guard services req uirements. Call: [phone number]

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